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    Al YAMAN
Al yaman is a distributor for medical supplies company established in 1994
a global developer,soleAgent  of  laser, light-based, radiofrequency
 and ultrasound devices for aesthetic and medical applications.
ALyaman have been at the forefront of innovative
 multi-technology/multi-application systems designed to meet the unique
needs of today’s practitioners. Alyaman’s mission is to provide modular,
 cost-effective and high-performance systems that enable practitioners to
confidently offer safe, effective and profitable aesthetic treatments to their patients.
     Our Mission
ALyaman’ mission is to provide modular, cost-effective and
high performance products that enable medical practitioners to
confidently offer safe, effective and profitable
 Aesthetic treatments to their patients.
    Our Vision
ALyaman is to be a global leader in providing technology-based
solutions to the aesthetic marketplace, including Meidcal Cosmatic Lasers And Equipment

         Our vision is to occurs this three rules

                    Diamond Products
                                    Golden Service
                                                  Silver Price

Corporate strategy

The key to ALyaman' success is a continual laser-like focus
on product innovation, a commitment to technological advances
and the flexibility to respond quickly to market needs.
Through years of industry experience,
ALyaman understands the day-to-day experience of aesthetic
 medical practitioners and this experience drives the clinical and
 technical decisions necessary
to bring safe, effective solutions to life.
Medical practitioners use ALyaman' products for noninvasive
 aesthetic procedures such as Hair Removal Acne treatment Skin rejuvenation fractional ablative  pigmented lesions Vasculer lesions and Leg Vein treatment

The founders of ALyaman have been at the forefront of innovative laser
and light-based medical technology for more than 25 years. Their technical
expertise and in-depth understanding of practitioners’ needs led to the development
of ALyaman flagship multi-technology/multi-application