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   Al YAMAN      Smart Vitaligo

   Smart Vitiligo

What is Smart vitiligo?
Smart vitiligo series smart vitiligo, Through contrary pressure, take temperature up to 40-45 °C to make excoriation, replant the normal skin with melanin cell in leukoderma area, melanin will be expanded till becoming all total normal skin, this method is especially effective to still leukoderma and the patient treated by many non-effective methods. Smart vitaligo series smart vitiligo has simple operation, and the treat result is very good according to clinic case, it is so welcomed by doctors and medical staffs.

Operation steps

1- Choose normal skin for supply
     inner side of thigh, lower abdomen etc to avoid impacting beauty.
2- choose right detector cover  of machine according to leukoderma size.
3- then set up pressure and temperature according to different skin thickness, can choose        different contrary pressure and temperature, contrary pressure is in 40°C~ 60Kpa    temperature is in 40°C~43°C-
4- after about 40—60 minutes, taking-vesicle will appear
5- scratch it by non-bacterium tweezers and put it one focus area (note: the
    bottom cell contacts the focus area well). Strengthen it by   bandages or round pled get,    After 10 to 13 days take off the cover     
6- After 1, 2, 4weeks of replanting, observe every time, and judge
   the result in forth week.

جهاز معالجة  البهاق لمختلف مناطق الجسم  عن طريق زرع الخلايا الميلانينية و التطعيم يتميز بامكانية زرع 36 طعم كل طعم 1سم2 بالجلسة الواحدة (خلال 30 دقيقة )
غير مؤلم و النتائج مضمونة بعد تجربته على 30000 حالة بنسبة نجاح تجاوزت 90ب المئة

Step 1:select the patient

Step 2:start treatment

Step 3:wait 30--40Min

Step 4:grafts taking


Step 5:Grafts taking
Step 6: Graft Transfer
 to target area