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   Al YAMAN      UV Radiation

■Top grade professional design for system appearance;

■5.6'' TFT display, language in Chinese or English;
■Multi-users’ management, can calculate working time, time and dosage

         count down at same time;

■ Use coder technique and make operation more conveniently and rapidly;

■ Use special UV lamp supplied by Philips company from Holland, more steadily

          with long life;

■ 8 radiant lamps (power for each lamp is 100W), with many combined style;

■ Dosage and time are controlled by microcomputer, make sure treatment


■ UVA and UVB can work independently or together;

■ High radiant intensity output, short treatment period, with notable effect;

■ with double monitoring function of hardware and software, confirm safety of


■ Special anti-jamming technical, confirm machine can work steadily in 
    magnetic field;

      ■Can establish and manage patient history through center work station;
with unique picture input and output function and report printing function.


■10 pieces radiated lights with high intensity output,and short treatment
■Micro-computer control the radiation dosage and time to ensure the
   treatment precision.
■UVA & UVB can work independently or together.
■There are glisten-board in radiation machine,can raise radiation rate.
■Reflected head can lift or lower easily with adjustable angle (vertical
   distance≥36cm,rotated angle≤90°),can fit in any angle and rotate in
   some angle.
■Patients can sit,stand or lie in treatment.
■All treatment processes(such as energy and time)controlled by micro-
   computer,easily,security and nicety in operation.
■Special anti-jamming technology,can confirm machine using normally in
   strong magnetic field.